Creating a Sense of Belonging - A Critical Need for Student Engagement and Success

September 21, 2021 Digital Promise
Creating a Sense of Belonging - A Critical Need for Student Engagement and Success
Show Notes

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A most striking outcome of teaching and learning during the pandemic is how much relationships matter, how relevant is SEL, and the importance of creating a sense of belonging where each student and their family know they are welcomed and embraced in their classrooms and school. But what does it mean to belong? How can educators create a sense of belonging in their classrooms and schools and consider all facets of a student’s identity? 

This edWeb podcast features the 2021 National Teacher of the Year Juliana Urtubey, NBCT, and her ideas and strategies for building and nurturing relationships to ensure that all students and their families know they belong. From spending the time to better understand her students to creating a flourishing community garden that unites students, families, and teachers, Ms. Urtubey offers hands-on examples of building social connections so each student can thrive, including students with learning differences. 

We also highlight the research behind belonging, which shows that students who report a stronger sense of belonging in school typically have greater self-efficacy and academic success. 

In this edWeb podcast, discover:

  • What it means to belong
  • How belonging is related to identity
  • Research supporting belonging
  • Specific strategies for creating a sense of belonging in the classroom and school

This edWeb podcast is of interest to all PreK-12 educators, school and district leaders, and higher education staff. 

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