Critical Cybersecurity Conversations K-12 Leaders Should Be Having

October 01, 2021 ENA
Critical Cybersecurity Conversations K-12 Leaders Should Be Having
Show Notes

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Providing safe and secure resources for students, teachers, parents, and staff has always been a foundational tenant for effective learning environments. Today, more than ever in K-12, providing that environment requires having robust cybersecurity infrastructures, policies, and practices in place. Recent reports indicate that one-third of our schools have had a cyber intrusion in the last two years. The question for today’s schools isn’t if, but when! Please join K-12 district leaders for a discussion regarding the cybersecurity challenges they face. 

These leaders will address the following questions:

  • What changes have they made to provide better security? 
  • How have they motivated and encouraged staff and students to take cybersecurity more seriously? 
  • What cybersecurity threats have they faced and what steps are being taken to stay current on cyber defense? 
  • What resources have they leveraged to fight back? 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 district leaders, chief technology officers, and directors of technology. 

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