Financial Literacy in a Gen Z World - Preparing Teachers & Curriculum

October 08, 2021 EVERFI
Financial Literacy in a Gen Z World - Preparing Teachers & Curriculum
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Banks aren’t always buildings, phones are sometimes wallets, and your babysitter prefers an app to cash. Financial services are changing. Shouldn’t financial literacy? 

In this edWeb podcast, EVERFI, the leading voice in financial education, lays out the landscape of financial literacy in a digital first world. Through research review, EVERFI helps district and school administrators think through and answer questions about the effectiveness of financial literacy programs, how students are interacting with the global financial system, and what topics should be top of mind as administrators build financial literacy courses and curriculum in their districts and schools. 

In partnership with Tina Stavrou-Klem, Senior Instructional Specialist from Pasco County Schools, EVERFI also shares implementation case studies and best practices from school districts across the country around financial literacy education. 

Listen to the EVERFI team as they break down financial services and financial literacy in a Gen Z world and provide solutions and resources for your high school classrooms. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to high school educators and school and district leaders.

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