Why Video and Innovation are Key to Classrooms of the Future

October 26, 2021 Screencastify
Why Video and Innovation are Key to Classrooms of the Future
Show Notes

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The diversity of the modern classroom has driven an accelerated need for schools and districts to equip teachers with powerful yet simple tools. This new level of diversity — spurred more rapidly by the pandemic — has also driven a larger need for innovation in education. 

Video became an absolute necessity in order for K-12 teachers to be able to provide the best possible learning environment for students. Now, more educators are discovering the value of video technology for in-person learning as teachers and students continue to return to the classroom as well as the simplicity of video as an avenue for innovation. 

Join a panel of educators and edtech experts to learn how the role of technology, such as video, has evolved and will continue to do so for the modern learning environments. 

In this edWeb podcast, you learn:

  • How educators can innovate to create present and future successes
  • Why video will play a major role in every classroom environment — including in-person learning
  • The role of professional development in preparing educators for any scenario

This edWeb podcast is of interest to K-12 district leaders, educational/instructional technology leaders, curriculum and instruction leaders, and IT/security leaders.

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