Edtech and Teachers - Selecting Products to Support Diverse Learners

November 04, 2021 Digital Promise
Edtech and Teachers - Selecting Products to Support Diverse Learners
Show Notes

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Even though many of us have returned to the classroom, COVID has sparked an intricate and lasting relationship between teaching, learning, and edtech. As a response to the needs of educators to understand how to make their edtech more accessible to all students, Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA), an organization dedicated to equity for complex learners, was formed and stepped up to curate resources. Its free Tech Tool Library, for example, is designed for educators to understand how to turn on the accessibility features that already exist within the tools they are using in the classroom, explore new accessible edtech products, and help schools and families find better solutions to meet their learners’ unique needs. 

This edWeb podcast features two EALA co-founding organizations, Digital Promise and InnovateEDU, as well as Newsela, an edtech tool to promote inquiry-based learning with inclusive content, to discuss the role we are asking tech to play, why it is important to consider the whole child and their learner variability, and how teachers can become part of the school or district’s edtech decision-making process. 

A Learner Variability Project national survey of American public school parents and teachers found that teachers more comfortable with edtech were significantly less likely to say the pandemic has worsened their ability to work with each student’s learner variability. Yet, as our speakers address, before developing a comfort with edtech is the need to understand the why within each student—their variability that can change over time and context. 

In this edWeb podcast, we discuss

  • How equity, accessibility, and supporting the whole learner gives products more opportunities to address the needs of the full diversity of learners
  • Resources for teachers on how they can enable features that make tools they use more accessible
  • Access to clear and trustworthy information about edtech to ensure teachers can easily find tools that align with their priorities
  • Internal school district decision-making processes for tech tool selection

This edWeb podcast is of interest to preK-12 teachers, librarians, school and district leaders, ELL educators, and those involved in the edtech community.

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