Enhance News and Media Literacy Learning: Tips and Techniques for Teaching a Lifelong Skill

January 26, 2022 News Literacy Project
Enhance News and Media Literacy Learning: Tips and Techniques for Teaching a Lifelong Skill
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Today’s information landscape—complete with “fake news,” misinformation and conspiracy theories—has become increasingly difficult to navigate, particularly for students. How can you help students develop the news and media literacy skills they need to identify, analyze and understand credible sources of information? What are best practices in teaching news and media literacy? 

In this edWeb podcast, hear from four of the News Literacy Project’s news literacy ambassadors about the tips and techniques they use to teach news and media literacy. They describe how they engage their students in classroom discussions and activities that develop skills such as identifying credible information, seeking out reliable sources, and thinking critically. 

Listeners also learn about the News Literacy Project’s free educator resources for integrating news literacy concepts into the classroom, including the NewsLit Nation forum and educator resources, Checkology® virtual classroom, and the Sift newsletter. 

This edWeb podcast is held in conjunction with the third annual National News Literacy Week (NNLW), held January 24th to 28th, and presented by the News Literacy Project in partnership with The E.W. Scripps Company. NNLW raises awareness of news literacy as an essential life skill and provides educators, students and the public with easy-to-adopt tools and tips for becoming news literate. 

This edWeb podcast is of interest to teachers, librarians, school and district leaders, and education technology leaders of the middle school, high school, and higher education levels.

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