On the reg

Everything is terrible, but at least we have pandemic homewares

October 04, 2020 Thesiswhisperer Season 1 Episode 7
On the reg
Everything is terrible, but at least we have pandemic homewares
Show Notes

This episode carries a content warning... best not to listen if hearing about the pain of losing a job is triggering for you.

Jason's job has been 'dis-established' and we get real with the state of universities and what it's like to lose a job you love. In this epic, no holds barred discussion Inger recounts her perception-shifting experience of being unfairly treated as a young academic and Jason reflects on how to approach work when you have had the veil ripped from your eyes. 

We went long on this one - it ended up being 1hr and 45m  - so we’ve edited for length. Our regular ‘work problems’ segment has been snippety-doo-dah’d and we’ll hold it over for next episode where we’ll double down on practical, implementable productivity hacks to help you live a more balanced life.

Jason mentions:

The Precariat: the new dangerous class by Guy Standing

Inger mentions:

How to be an academic - her (now poorly named!) book where she talks about the university as a bad boyfriend

Cal Newport's latest podcast Episode 32 Habit tune up.

How Labour Built Neoliberalism: Australia's Accord, the Labour Movement and the Neoliberal Project - Elizabeth Humphreys

Her nice new desk lamp that doubles as a Zoom lighting rig (Instagram)

‘Is it Do You Have ‘Zoom Fatigue’ or Is It Existentially Crushing to Pretend Life Is Normal as the World Burns?’ by Devon Price 

Digital Minimalism: choosing a focused life in a noisy world - Cal Newport 

John Perry’s structured procrastination essay

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