On the reg

Gantt charting your way to heaven while Team Trump does a presser next to an adult book store

November 08, 2020 Thesiswhisperer Season 1 Episode 9
On the reg
Gantt charting your way to heaven while Team Trump does a presser next to an adult book store
Show Notes

We start by taking a moment to acknowledge that The Trump presidency has come to an end, ignominiously, in front of a landscape gardening gardening business, next to the 'Fantasy Island' adult bookstore in downtown Philly.

Inger cried! How good is the first woman being a VP in the USA?! And how amazingly great is it that she's not white? As Inger's sister puts it,  2020 delivers a crowd pleasing plot twist, right at the end of the season.

It's a bit busy in Inger's world now that everyone else has finished the semester. Jason is still dealing with the RMIT redundancy saga, but at least he can now go camping with his new Jeep tent thingy. We both own up to having irresponsible online shopping habits and Covid is TOTALLY to blame.

Inger does a deep dive on the impossibility of managing projects with gantt charts and what the research suggests about how to deal with research project uncertainty. Turns out, there are a lot of strategies that researchers can employ to manage the 'chaotic, turbulent' change that is characteristic of research projects. Jason points out the academic discipline of business studies already knew heaps about this project management stuff, it's just that Inger never thought to ask.

We both admit that we have not been able to read anything with the biggest election in the world looming over our heads, but have instead been glued to Twitter - so we share some of our recent favourite follows instead. Jason has discovered a cool new app, which he talks about in the two minute tips section, while Inger shares her mindful, end of the day ritual.

We end by reading out a lovely reader review - if you leave one, we will read that out too! Don't forget our next podcast will be a live event - link is below. See you there...


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Not fake news: (hopefully) final Trump team presser next to adult book store

How to make a simple Gantt Chart - The Research Whisperer blog

Paper from 2002: ‘a framework for project management under uncertainty’ by Meyer, Pich and loch

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