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She Strives With Faith - Candid Conversations with Lady B. Celeste

Berthena Jackson

In this candid reflection, the acknowledgment of women worldwide wrestling with worry underscores a universal challenge. The mention of potential health implications, such as heart attacks, strokes, and even suicidal thoughts, adds a somber note to the significance of addressing this pervasive issue.

The personal narrative of Berthena further amplifies the gravity of the situation. Being a two-time divorcee, a single mother of two, and a war veteran, her life experiences are marked by profound challenges. The admission that she battled with anxiety for an extended period reveals the depth of her struggles. However, amidst the difficulties, there is a glimmer of hope in Berthena's journey. The turning point in her story is when she learned to entrust all her worries to God. This shift implies a transformative experience, suggesting that faith and surrender played a crucial role in her overcoming anxiety.

This candid narrative not only sheds light on the shared struggles of women globally but also offers a personal and relatable perspective through Berthena's own hardships. It serves as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges, emphasizing the possibility of finding resilience and peace through a faith-centered approach. 

Her podcast is dedicated to discussing current issues from a Christian viewpoint, aiming to empower you to navigate every situation with faith, strength, and dignity. Berthena will weave stories from both the past and present, guiding you to approach life's circumstances with resilience and joy. These engaging and relatable conversations will motivate you to persevere with faith. By the end of each episode, you'll find yourself able to relax in your favorite chair and face the future with laughter.