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Along The Camino/At Basecamp

Hollee Brock

These stories are my response to walking the Camino de Santiago. It is not a practical guide, nor a series of interviews, nor a memoir. It is story, inspired by my real experiences and infused occasionally with a layer of holy imagination. I know it is worthwhile because I am not just hoping to tell my own story. I am hoping to tell more of the whole story, glimpse more of the whole truth. So, welcome pilgrim! Because I’m a firm believer that whether or not you have already walked or are interested in walking the Camino de Santiago, or a pilgrimage at all, guess what? …YOU'RE ALREADY ON ONE! Helpful hint: If you love descriptive or philosophical ponderings..stick to the even-numbered episodes. If you appreciate imagination, faith and asking what could be...go for the odds. But I hope you can listen to all. 
Sincerely-Hollee Brock 

WHOLEHEARTED THANKS to: ***Kellie Haddock- beautiful person/amazing musician IG @kelliehaddockmusic and @kelliehaddock for the use of “Eden’s Dream” with Ben Shive and Sarah Masen ***Brock Rustand for being an anchor & doing some impressive audio engineering ***Krue for you ***Ella for your spiral ***my Mom=best cheerleader ever ***Gayle for the graphics ***my priceless family and friends who cheered for me while I was on this pilgrimage-both walking and writing ***Chattanooga for being awesome ***Sockwell Socks for being the best socks ever & constant Camino companions ***All the people who maintain, support, and cheer along the Camino de Santiago! A word about me in the words of Jehanne de Quillan (in the introduction to The Gospel of the Beloved Companion)- "...being neither an academic nor a scholar by profession, I realized that rather than a hindrance, the slack granted me a freedom that would likely be unavailable to those closely guarding the reputations within their chosen field. Not having a reputation to lose means that one can proceed with one’s work without concern for the ripples that it might generate among those who oppose one’s conclusions.” 
Sincerely- Hollee Brock