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The Amarillo Project

Eva Noblezada

Welcome to The Amarillo Project! I, your host, Eva Noblezada and a plethora of wonderful guests dive into yummy conversation over cocktails. We hope to provide a safe and casual listening experience for you. So that we can all hopefully feel a little less alone. In SEASON 1 “SAYING YES TO” we narrow our convo down to one thing that the guest encourages us to say yes to more.The Amarillo Project hopes to spread positivity and normalization of the good, the bad, the ugly...and the occasional F bomb.It’s essentially you eavesdropping on a FaceTime call with my friends as we get drunk and tell embarrassing stories. Good conversation stimulates growth, lovely laugh lines and a damn good time. Tangents very much included. So what are we saying yes to next... *Trigger Warning: This podcast talks about Eating Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health*