Living At Your Finest

Making God A Part of My Healthcare Team

April 15, 2022 DR. BABS Season 2 Episode 66
Living At Your Finest
Making God A Part of My Healthcare Team
Show Notes

Happy Easter Weekend!

Resurrection weekend got me thinking about if and how I allow God to be a part of my Healthcare Team. The challenges of maintaining health and wellness can be a battle, especially in the presence of the tactics of the food industry, pharmaceutical companies, and the sick care model in healthcare. So little wonder why just knowing what to do doesn't suffice or guarantee that we make the right choices. it takes the strength, wisdom, and grace of God. 

In this episode, I share
✨The challenges of weight gain and fluctuations
✨The solutions, strategies, and systems for weight management
✨Why and How God can be a part of your Healthcare Team

My passion and pleasure are to empower you to see the possibilities of you LIVING AT YOUR FINEST by being WHOLE, VIBRANT, & HEALTHY. I hope this episode helps to get you closer to that goal.  Please share this episode if you know anyone that would benefit from this information. #healthiertogether and #sharingiscaring

Also, check out my SLEEP BETTER, FEEL YOUR FINEST Mini-course if you struggle with sleep, and share with others. Thanks for investing in your health. #healthiswealth. 

Cheers to having a complete Healthcare Team! 🥂

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