Building Your Empire With SophieZo

Ep171: Stay in Your Lane!

November 22, 2023 Sophie Zollmann Season 4 Episode 15
Building Your Empire With SophieZo
Ep171: Stay in Your Lane!
Show Notes

Your role as the CEO is to be the leader, and you can’t do that if your entire day is consumed with the minutiae of running a business. 

You’ve got to step away from the small details and step into the big picture of your business, and today’s episode is dedicated to extracting you from the daily demands to open a world of opportunity for your company! 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to focus your genius solely on the key areas of your business like:

  • Defining the overall mission, goals, and vision for your business
  • Creating the steps and strategies that lead you directly to your goals
  • Developing new revenue streams, products, services, and growth opportunities
  • Putting your mission and message out into the world
  • Setting the metrics and KPIs that keep you firmly on the path to next level success
  • Setting a strong example and guiding your team to greatness

Listen now and learn why you need to step out of the day to day and stay in your lane! 

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