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Pickled Peppers Hop Talk

Tanner & Tyson

Hello and Welcome! Pickled Peppers Hop Talk is a made up platform to host our two different segments! One is TnT. Which is Tanner n Tyson from 'Pickled Peppers Hop Shop,' and 'Brewing 101'. This segment is primarily about history, cool shit, not cool shit, funny shit, and interesting shit that has happened or is happening somewhere in the world. So, lots of stories, fun facts, and madness with games like 'Guess The Year!' Can you guess the year from the event hints Tanner gives out before Tyson and Amanda? Try it out! If you join us LIVE you may win a T Shirt for beating them! You should know this though, this is not your father's podcast... Not boring, and not for soft ears. Good talk. So, you can expect to join in on talks about current brews, learn lots of history, and play fun games with the guys! Next! BnB. Stands for Brews n Buds. This is the LIVE segment on Tuesday at 4:30 pm PST, broadcasted on FB, IG and YouTube! This is a call in show where the guys usually have a question of the day or something and open the phone lines to anyone who wants to call in! You can answer the question of the day, ask a brewing question or whatever! So, whether you like beer or not, these are both entertaining hour long segments centered around comedic education, primarily about history and interesting/bizarre events from around the world! Episodes come out Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Talk with you soon!

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