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How to Move On Without Burning Bridges

March 06, 2022 Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries Season 3 Episode 44
the Healers Rising Podcast
How to Move On Without Burning Bridges
Show Notes

You don't have to burn bridges in order to choose a new path.

Think about the last time you were ready to transition to something new. How did that play out?

Whether it was breaking up with someone, leaving a job, moving on from a friend group that wasn't in alignment with you anymore.

Whatever it was, did you have to wait until it got so bad before you finally pulled the plug? Did you make the other person call it off so you didn't have to be the one to broach the subject? Did you rally the troops to validate your feelings and go on a rampage? Did you ghost?

What would happen if you were to bump into whoever was involved in that scenario back then, today?

A lot of times the way we respond to the desire to move on to something new is giving us a major clue about our Akashic level wounding, and when we start to recognize that we can reconcile it and change it.

In fact, moving on can be totally drama free.

In today's episode we're covering:

- the 3 most common Archetypes people embody to end situations
- the way your soul and body shows you it's time to move on and how to notice it before it blows up in your face
- how your endings style is showing your Akashic records - and how to clean that up so you don't have to keep repeating the patterns
- how to release the fear of confrontation and start ending things with grace

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