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Accelerate Your Awakening

September 17, 2021 Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries Season 2 Episode 34
the Healers Rising Podcast
Accelerate Your Awakening
Show Notes

"Love and Light!" Sound familiar?

There's this really interesting belief in the Starseed, metaphysical, and Healer communities that Love is the highest frequency that we can achieve here on Earth.

Have you tracked that? Or have we just bought it as truth because everyone else is saying it?

One of the ways that I have found Starseeds and Intuitives get themselves stuck is to buy into this idea that they should feel and operate a certain way every single second of every single day in order to be "high vibe" enough to hopefully ascend.

So today we're unpacking this. What is love? Is it the highest vibration, or is there something else? Is there even a hierarchy of vibration on this planet? And could there be a false sense of what ascension has meant for us?

What else is possible?

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