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Why Your Clients Are In My Inbox

November 07, 2021 Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries Season 2 Episode 36
the Healers Rising Podcast
Why Your Clients Are In My Inbox
Show Notes

 Have you ever had a less than stellar healing session? If you have, whether as a client or a practitioner, today's chat will be highly relatable content.

Recently I've had an influx of people reaching out to me to fix other practitioner's mistakes.

It's gotten so bad, that I had to bring this up for our conversation today. Because if healers aren't helping, they're hurting. And, my friends, that is not okay with me.

There's another form of bypassing that's happening in a lot of ways where the healers are throwing their hands up and saying, well this person was complicated, they had their barriers up, or they just didn't want to heal.

I don't actually find that to be a common scenario, to be honest. By the time someone is willing to pay for a session, even if they're nervous or a bit hesitant, they're usually in a space of ready to change.

It's the practitioner's job in that moment to really see their client, to discover what this person needs to be able to shift, and to hold the energy field open to possibility that allows that person to finally shift out of a stuck point and into their highest timeline potential.

And if that doesn't happen, the session did not hit the mark, and it's going to have a ripple effect for that client, for the practitioner, and for the countless people they both interact with going forward.

In today's episode you'll hear about:

  • why there's an influx of sessions going wrong in the healing world right now
  • 4 (of the 5) most common Client Archetypes
  • the 5 things to address in your practice if you're not getting repeat clients, referrals, or amazing testimonials on a consistent basis
  • the Core Values that my team and I follow to stay in alignment
  • how I suggest practitioners price for their sessions

Let me know your aha-moments and what resonates (or doesn't) from today's conversation in consciousness! And if you have any ideas for a podcast episode, send them to us at