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Growing Your Intuition and Manifesting the New Earth Timelines

December 12, 2021 Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries Season 3 Episode 39
the Healers Rising Podcast
Growing Your Intuition and Manifesting the New Earth Timelines
Show Notes

As lightworkers, we know we're here to help bring about the new earth timelines. To create the 5D reality that we know is possible on this planet. But how do we do that? Especially when we feel like our intuition is broken or not as developed as other awakened people?

A lot of us have very vivid imaginations or dreamscapes internally, but we very rarely express it into the external environment.

Most people override the way they naturally get psychic information because they think the intuitive visions or things they're supposed to hear or feel or just know are going to be different than how they naturally are.

That is actually a form of self-sabotage.

Because we aren't seeing the who, what, why, and how to take our dreams into reality yet, we wait. And we get sucked into the internal tug-of-war of I want this but I don't know how. I'm stuck.

That internal fight is literally a fight against self. It's like a war against your own inner world and the mission you came here to do.

So, how do we grow our intuition and manifesting abilities as we move forward into 2022 and beyond in a way that is both in alignment with our soul's calling and helping to make the world a better place?

It's actually quite simple. In today's episode you'll hear:

  • The most common ways we sabotage our manifesting abilities
  • How to get the HOW pieces to move your dream forward
  • How to know you're on the right path with your intuitive tracking and energy healing work, whether for yourself or another
  • What I've downloaded so far about what the New Earth will look like
  • The next missions for lightworkers and how to get started now

Let me know your aha-moments and what resonates (or doesn't) from today's conversation in consciousness! And if you have any ideas for a future episode, send them to us at

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