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Why Starseeds Don't Feel At Home

January 10, 2022 Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries Season 3 Episode 40
the Healers Rising Podcast
Why Starseeds Don't Feel At Home
Show Notes

Ever feel a sense of homesickness for a place you can't quite put your finger on? Many people who identify as Starseeds will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Logically it makes sense that we wouldn't feel at home here on planet Earth, right? I mean, if we're from some far away place, then Earth isn't home, is it?

But we did come here to be a human this time around. And with a purpose and mission in mind (actually, probably multiple missions If we're being honest). So shouldn't we feel a connection to this place?

The short answer is yes. We should. Aaaannndddd that thought that we don't belong here, the one that makes so many of us feel isolated and alone here and like we just don't fit in, that homesickness for another place and time... it does have a purpose. It's just gotten distorted over time.

Today we're breaking down:

  • Where that feeling or thought that we want to "go home" comes from
  • How we ended up on Earth from our Starseed origin in the first place
  • How the 5th Dimension tries to inform us of our mission and the messages from "home"

Let me know your aha-moments and what resonates (or doesn't) from today's conversation in consciousness! And if you have any ideas for a future episode, send them to us at
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