the Healers Rising Podcast

the Enlightened vs. the Asleep

January 23, 2022 Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries Season 3 Episode 41
the Healers Rising Podcast
the Enlightened vs. the Asleep
Show Notes

I've noticed a trend in the Spiritual and Metaphysical communities in the last couple years of people on their own ascension journeys repeating this storyline that there are a select few of us in the world who are truly awake and everyone else is asleep.

I call it the "Woke vs. Non-Woke Folk" narrative.

I'm sure you've heard it. Maybe even bought it into yourself at one point or another.

By beating the drum of the us vs. them storylines that have seeped into these realms, we're not only creating a new level of hierarchy, we're also creating more separation and strengthening these duality fields, which instead of helping us to evolve, actually cuts us off from true enlightenment.

This narrative is so problematic for so many reasons, all of which we're going to unpack in today's Conversation in Consciousness.

As we step into the New Earth timelines over the next couple years, we're really being asked to drop the victim blame game and focus on being more authentic in our expression, cultivating deeper connections with self and others, and taking radical accountability for the part we are choosing to play in the harmonic of the entire human collective.

It has to start with dropping all the separation lies we've been telling.

Because until those walls come down you're denying the very bridges that give  you the levels of consciousness and awareness you've been asking for.
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