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Shadow Work is Changing

January 30, 2022 Caitlin Dianna | Magic Beyond Boundaries Season 3 Episode 42
the Healers Rising Podcast
Shadow Work is Changing
Show Notes

The ways we approach healing and spiritual work is changing. And newsflash: it's already begun.
As the New Earth Blueprinters begin to download the datasets to help humanity step into what's coming, there are many changes that will undoubtedly begin to take shape. And a lot of the things that many of the energy healers, channelers, and spiritual teachers have mastered and been sharing over the past decades are quickly becoming obsolete.
Many of us will have to make adjustments to our practices across all areas of our lives. And compartmentalizing will be dying out in order to make way for a much more holistic, integrated and authentic expression.
We will start to see evidence of this literally everywhere, from the meta and spiritual worlds to mainstream and science.
In this episode, Violet and I will cover in more detail:

  • how we're shifting in the new level of consciousness
  • the 3 ways healing and shadow work are shifting going forward
  • what's causing the shifts and the outcomes of it
  • how this is going to affect healers, teachers, and the business landscape

It's so important, especially as light workers and healers, to be always checking in with the timelines and not making assumptions that because this is how it always was, that this is how it's always going to be.
xo, C
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