The Live by Design Podcast

Because I Can't Be The Only One With Pandemic-Induced Anxiety

February 22, 2021 Kate House Season 2 Episode 7
The Live by Design Podcast
Because I Can't Be The Only One With Pandemic-Induced Anxiety
Show Notes

We interrupt our Special Podcast Series for this announcement!

I'm hosting my very first Live By Design Podcast Meditation Challenge

I don't know about you, but my pandemic-induced anxiety has been creeping into my life more and more, and I don't love it. But I know that when I meditate regularly that my mind is calmer and my stress and anxiety lessens.

And I figure I can't be the only one feeling this way. Which is the inspiration for our #minimeditationchallenge and this week's podcast episode.

So what's the challenge look like?

When: Monday, March 1 - Friday, March 5

What: 7-10ish minute meditations delivered to you daily via email from Kate

Why: To establish the habit of meditation and lower our stress levels

And my special thank you gift for signing up for the challenge is a guided sleep meditation you'll receive via email immediately upon joining, so you can start drifting off to a restful sleep right away.

Participate in the challenge on Instagram @livebydesignpodcast to engage with our community, support one another in this pursuit, and for the chance to win sweet prizes from our challenge sponsors such as essential oils, Zoom yoga classes, one free entrance into Kate's Goal Setting Masterclass, a Start Today Journal, and so much more!

Join the challenge today and grab your free guided sleep meditation too!


Did you miss participating in the challenge when it was live, but want to use the meditations on your own? Awesome! Download the full library of mini meditations here, and as my thank you I've added my guided sleep meditation too!

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