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The Gary and Kenny Show

Gary Kroeger and Ken Ceizler

A podcast hosted by Saturday Night Live alumnus, Gary Kroeger and co- hosted by TV Director Ken Ceizler. Their interviews are casual, witty and reflect their authentic curiosity about the guest area of expertise or experience. They also tackle serious issues like; who has the right of way? A person in a wheelchair or a mom pushing a stroller? Guest have included many notable figures in the entertainment world including: "Saving Private Ryan" Producer Mark Gordon, Actor/Writer/Director Brad Hall, The Producer of the "Despicable Me", and "Minions" franchises, Chris Meladondri, SNL Writer and Creator of the TV hit "MONK", Andy Breckman, Former Executive Producer of "Late Night With David Letterman" Robert Morton, Multiple Emmy winner for "Seinfeld", "Veep", "Curb", David Mandel, Actor/Comedian Cathy Ladman, and "Modern Family" "Malcolm in the Middle' "B-Positive" Actor David Higgins; You can listen to us on all the popular podcast platforms or watch us on our YouTube channel: You can contact us at We'd love your feedback!