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Self Care Spotlight

Alyssa Kuzins

Self Care might be a trendy word, but it’s so much more than a Sunday. It’s a lifestyle that can change your life, and in a world where we are more stressed than ever, we have to go deeper than occasional bubble baths and massages. Feel better, do better. This podcast is about getting to the heart of living your most aligned life against the backdrop of every day life. Energy Management. Healing. Radiance Expansion. Self Care Elevated. Through my solo episodes and interviews with inspiring women, who are just as likely to meditate as they are to curse, the goal of this podcast is to empower you to unapologetically take up space and make space. And remember, self care can change the world, by changing yours first! Are you ready? Connect with Alyssa on Instagram @alyssakuzins or learn more at

Recent Episodes

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