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Self Care Spotlight: Exploring Self Care & Authentic Living
August 25, 2017 The Journal Deck
Have you ever looked up to someone a whole lot? You just totally love everything that they do and feel really connected to their message, their business, or how they live their life? Well that's how I feel about Jacki Carr of Rock Your Bliss, which is why I thought I was over my head when I decided to reach out to her for a podcast interview, even though we had met about 3 years prior... Lucky for me, the Goal Coach, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Mama to Evergreen said hell yes, and I was in my own little bliss bubble while recording! #goalsalive as Jacki would say... This episode is pretty jam packed with goodness, but some of the topics are self care as a choice, not a should, The Sacred Pause, yoga as a metaphor for her self-evolution, motherhood, body image and role modeling, legacy, and Jacki's messy journaling practice. From teaching hundreds at Lululemon, to leading sold-out retreats in tree-houses, and speaking at Patagonia HQ, I am HONORED to have Jacki on this podcast, and I think you'll love her too!
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