Self Care Spotlight

#73 Crystal RX with Colleen McCann

November 13, 2018 Season 2
Self Care Spotlight
#73 Crystal RX with Colleen McCann
Self Care Spotlight
#73 Crystal RX with Colleen McCann
Nov 13, 2018 Season 2
Alyssa Kuzins
Show Notes

Love crystals? Curious or skeptical about them? This episode and Colleen's new book, Crystal RX, has you covered! We have yet to have an entire episode dedicated to crystals so it's about time! Crystal care. Choosing your crystal. Crystal shape meanings. Your must-have crystals. A crystal encyclopedia. Crystal healing. The science of crystals. We break it all down with Colleen's expert advice and down-to-earth vibes.

Not your average shaman in heels, Colleen knew she was special from a young age, picking winning lottery numbers and being her moms's "creative" child, she hid that part of her and went into fashion before eventually succumbing to her Truth and making the world more beautiful one crystal at a time. Whether you love crystals or aren't sure about them, this conversation is sure to enlighten you and open your mind!
Shownotes + Crystal RX book: 

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