Pursue Him

Three Lessons I Learnt On My Recent Trek

October 25, 2021 Derrick & Kim Dsouza Season 3 Episode 36
Pursue Him
Three Lessons I Learnt On My Recent Trek
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Our generation wants to see someone lead them and say "Don't Give Up!". In toady's episode Pastor Kim Dsouza gives us 3 life lessons for our Jesus Journey to lead others. 

Recently, two of our nieces, Pastor Derrick and I decided to go for an adventurous trek. It’s amazing when you break out of your routine and do things especially in proximity with nature, you realize somehow the voice of God becomes clearer and louder (at least for me :-)).

While the trek was refreshing, it was much more strenuous that we expected. Every step of the way, there were so many things to learn, but here are my three favorite takeaways:

Lesson 1: Somebody to say it was worth it

Midway during our climb, we realized that the trek was definitely a challenging one going by layman standards. Our bodies started giving in as we nonstop navigated across gravel, muddy paths and slippery boulders. It took us nearly four hours to reach the summit of the mountain with intermittent breaks. Every time we thought we had arrived, there was more to climb and it seemed like a never-ending journey!!

What really kept me going were the words of the local villagers who were climbing down from time to time, as we were going up:

“It’s only a few minutes and then you are there and its worth it”.

Sometimes Pastor Derrick would take quick steps way up ahead of us, and shout from top, “Hey guys you need to see this, don’t give up. We are so close and it’s amazing here.”

It reminded me that the journey of walking with Jesus is going to be amazing. It may not be a bed of roses, however with God by your side and God at the end of it, it’s all going to be worth it. I realized that all our generation needs is to see someone walk ahead of them in this Jesus journey and shout back to them saying, “Don’t give up, it’s all worth it. Keep walking.”

That’s the role of a spiritual father who walks ahead of you and shows you the way. That’s the way Jesus did it, and that’s the way He wants us to do. The Bible says, Consider him (Jesus), who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. (Heb 12:3)

The people around you, especially the youth are looking for examples beyond what they see in the Bible, may you be the one for them.

Lesson 2: What will sustain you, where nothing else will

When you pursue something, it’s only the love for it that can drive you till the end. Every other motive will fade away.

I realized that many people who come for this trek turned back midway instead of doing the entire run. Some were here for fun, some joined along as their friends convinced them, some wanted to get some good snaps, while there were some others who came for the love of trekking and were determined to reach the summit. All started the same, but after a certain point, the urge to give up became more than the urge to carry on because they were really not “in it”.

That’s the reason in this journey with Jesus many give away too soon. Offences take them away, abundance or lack detours them, persecution affects them, pride makes them lose their way. But the ones who are in this Jesus journey only for the love for Him, and they know they can’t do without Him are the ones that will finish the race. And I know I am talking to one of these, who will finish well!

Lesson 3: Learning to steward our bodies

This trek made me realize the importance of physical fitness for a child of God. If we were not physically fit, we would never had been able to manage the steep climbs or slippery decent, even if we had great desire to reach the top.

We believers focus so much on spiritual fitness but we hardly focus on stewarding our bodies. To be honest, it is impossible for us to grow spiritually every season and yet see that growth manifesting in every connected area of our lives including our bodies.

We need to learn to steward our temple well. I learnt it the hard way and I am still learning. We may have great desires to do things for God, but if we are not physically fit, it will still be easy for the devil to gain a foothold. We are a part of the army of God. Sadly, many of the soldiers are physically unfit, obese or lazy.

Think about it, how then can we reflect our God well to this unbelieving world? May we learn to train and discipline our bodies, our eating style, our sleeping patterns etc so we are fit both spiritually and physically, and ready at our Captain’s service.