Zig When They Zag

Zig When They Zag - Episode 10: Holding Internal Marketing Teams Accountable

October 16, 2020 Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring Season 1 Episode 10
Zig When They Zag
Zig When They Zag - Episode 10: Holding Internal Marketing Teams Accountable
Show Notes

Internal marketing teams: do they actually work for small businesses?

Are they worth it?

In this episode, Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring talk about how small businesses can suffer when they choose to use internal marketing teams. 

Hiring one or two marketers to play the role of an entire marketing team spreads your employees much too thin. Unfortunately, these small internal marketing teams are often tasked with huge marketing projects with a wide breadth and become overloaded.

For small businesses, hiring an internal marketing team sinks a lot of their marketing budget into the people, rather than into lead generating activities.

What small businesses miss out on when using an internal marketing team:

  • Specialists - A small business can't afford, nor does it need, a designated CMO all the time. But, having access to a CMO will come up occasionally.
  • Objective third party - Valuable insights can come from an external team that doesn't feel like their job is at stake.
  • High-level input - Most small marketing teams don't have the insight into the rest of the business to make real, changing impacts.

Solutions to level up a small internal marketing team (if you already have one).

  • Don't just fire them!
  • Bring them into the high-level meetings. Bring them to the table, so they can make impactful decisions.
  • Empower your marketing people. Give them money for customer and market research.
  • Know what your goal for marketing is. Growth? Innovation? Implementing marketing systems? Generating awareness, i.e., for COVID-19 protocols?


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