Zig When They Zag

Zig When They Zag - Season 2, Episode 3: What Are Marketing Goals?

March 09, 2021 Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring Season 2 Episode 3
Zig When They Zag
Zig When They Zag - Season 2, Episode 3: What Are Marketing Goals?
Show Notes

What are Marketing Goals?

How can a company set intentional growth goals for the year after simply making it through the year 2020? 

In this episode, Jessica Scanlon and Kevin Ring dive into marketing goals. 

Know Where You Want Your Business to go this Year

Most business leaders have their goals in mind and know where they want to go, but they don't know how marketing applies to those goals. Even more so, they often aren't aware of the marketing tactics available.

Preparing the Business and the Leader

Along with putting together the marketing machine that drives growth, we help our business leader clients level up their marketing knowledge and skills. 

Favorite Business Goals We See

  • Grow by $10MM in 7 years
  • Diversify channels where leads come from
  • Diversify client base
  • Move to a higher-value client base

Examples of Good Marketing Goals

  • Building brand equity
  • Increasing the value of leads
  • Increasing the quality of leads
  • Diversifying leads
  • Account growth

Examples of Bad Marketing Goals

  • Ranking #1 on Google
  • 10k Instagram followers

Bottom Line for Setting Marketing Goals

Social media and SEO will certainly be a part of the strategy, but they are just tools to use to help a business achieve its true, underlying goals.


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