Metrics that Measure Up

Revenue Team Communities - with Jared Robin, RevGenius

December 15, 2020 Ray Rike
Metrics that Measure Up
Revenue Team Communities - with Jared Robin, RevGenius
Show Notes

B2B Sales communities are all the rage in 2020.  Sales Hacker, Modern Sales Pro, Bravado, Revenue Collective and now RevGenius are building B2B sales communities to provide experiences, connections, ideas, and research.

Jared Robin, co-founder at RevGenius recently joined the podcast to share the story behind Rev Genius and his vision for the community.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" a catalyst for RevGenius as Jared contemplated the next step in his career journey due to the impact of COVID. Jared felt too many communities felt "exclusive" and were not truly open 

RevGenius started as a LinkedIn Group to share events for B2B sales professionals

Jared's desire to include members across revenue teams, including marketing, sales development, RevOps, etc. was a goal to enhance "revenue team alignment" .  Jared shared his thought that the path to CRO is not only through sales, so it's critical to gain insights, experiences, and connections across every revenue team function

Three key metrics to measure the success of RevGenius
- Member Acquisition
- Member Engagement
- Monetization - not a top priority.....yet

Jared strongly believes that professionals need to take responsibility for growth,  and not depend solely on the training and experiences you gain from their current employer. If you want to level-up or grow = community involvement

Two key thoughts for everyone to make the community vibrant
- Always be Helping
- Always be Learning

If you are interested in learning more about building on-line communities or to evaluate why you will join a revenue team community, this episode if chalked full of insights.