Bereaved But Still Me

The Gift of Life: Organ Donation

October 01, 2020 Tamar Ashkenazi, Ph.D. Season 4 Episode 10
Bereaved But Still Me
The Gift of Life: Organ Donation
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Show Notes

Tamar Ashkenazi, Ph.D., national coordinator of Israel’s national transplant system,
discusses the history of transplants in Israel, how transplant awareness has grown and how the definition of death as brain death has allowed more people to become donors.  Israel has adopted the Spanish model of donation, wherein every hospital has a transplant coordinator who helps donor families, through the difficult decision to donate organs.
Dr. Askenazi also broke some news on “Heart to Heart with Michael,” announcing that in Israel, there is no longer an age cap on donors or recipients.  Recently, four donors over eighty years old donated organs to elder recipients, showing the validity of the system and offering hope to virtually anyone who needs a transplant.

She is also the author of “Mourning, the Day After Loss”  a book designed to help families through the stages of grief.   (Please use the AmazonSmile program and choose Hearts Unite the Globe when making Amazon purchases to provide a small donation to our nonprofit organization.)

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