Bereaved But Still Me

Edy Nathan on EMDR and Hypnotherapy

April 01, 2021 Edy Nathan, LCSW, MA Season 5 Episode 4
Bereaved But Still Me
Edy Nathan on EMDR and Hypnotherapy
Show Notes

Who is Edy Nathan? Why would someone choose to use EMDR therapy to cope with grief? What is EMDR? Why would a therapist use hypnotherapy to help someone cope with grief?  What is hypnotherapy? We’ll discover answers to these questions and more in this enlightening program.

Our guest today is Edy Nathan, LCSW, MA. She is an experienced psychotherapist, best-selling author, and has been a guest on multiple national media programs, as well as a former guest of this podcast. She also hosts her own podcast, Empath to Power Podcast.

Edy Nathan has worked as a grief expert for over 20 years. She offers helpful perspectives on coping with the losses in life. From the role of caregiver to the loss of a child, there is an abundant amount of grief. There are also gifts, which Edy calls Unexpected Allies ™.

Today Michael and Edy will talk about two different therapy techniques that Edy employs when helping patients learn how to cope with grief. We’ll be learning about hypnotherapy and EMDR.

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