Bereaved But Still Me

A Christian Perspective on Grief by Suicide

September 02, 2021 Faye and Carter Mayberry Season 5 Episode 9
Bereaved But Still Me
A Christian Perspective on Grief by Suicide
Show Notes

Grief is a difficult topic to discuss but talking about loss by suicide seems to be even more challenging. How does losing a child by suicide affect your life? How can a person’s faith help them cope with the loss of a son by suicide? 

Faye and Carter Mayberry are the parents of Candace, Jordan, Jacob, and Ashton. Ashton died from suicide at age 21 on January 28, 2014. Since then, they have started a blog (, writing about what they have learned from their suicide journey.

The Carters have tried to inform themselves on risk factors, preventions, post-vention, and supporting others who are suicide loss survivors. They participate in a monthly suicide loss survivor support group.

In addition to their 3 living children, they have 8 grandchildren. They are trying to learn and grow together in love for God and for one another. They are here today to share their son’s situation with others, to promote understanding of suicide, and to provide support for others dealing with death by suicide by a loved one.

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