Bereaved But Still Me

Sometimes the Answer is “No"

October 07, 2021 Stacy Henagan Season 5 Episode 10
Bereaved But Still Me
Sometimes the Answer is “No"
Show Notes
Can we talk to people who have a different faith than we do about grief and death? What can we learn from each other? What value is there in talking to people of different faiths when it comes to grief and grieving?

Stacy Henagan is a co-pastor of Keypoint Church in northwest Arkansas — a multi-campus church she founded with her husband, Casey. She is also an author, speaker, and conference host. Stacy hosts an annual women’s conference and speaks at other events in the United States and overseas. Stacy and Casey are the parents of 4 children — Haven, who is waiting for them in heaven, and Holland, Hayes, and Hudson. Haven was diagnosed with brain cancer as an infant. Stacy is the author of “Breathe Again: Choosing to Believe There’s More When Life Has Left You Broken.” 

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