Bereaved But Still Me

Cycling Through the Pain

November 04, 2021 David Richman Season 5 Episode 11
Bereaved But Still Me
Cycling Through the Pain
Show Notes

What can we learn from others who have lived through traumatic experiences? Why would someone bicycle almost 5000 miles across the country alone?

By the time David Richman was in his late 30s, he knew he needed to make a change. Overweight, sedentary, in an abusive and unhealthy marriage, David realized that he wouldn’t have satisfaction in his life without zeroing in on what he wanted for himself. He began setting measurable, attainable, and meaningful goals -- to become healthy, to raise his young twins in a safe home environment, to become a top performer at work, and to seek out his own physical, mental and emotional limits. 

David is a businessman, corporate and motivational speaker, and personal consultant. He is also the author of “Cycle of Lives” and “Winning in the Middle of the Pack.” 

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