Bereaved But Still Me

Marriage 2.0: Saying, “I Do” Again

February 03, 2022 Michael Liben Season 6 Episode 2
Bereaved But Still Me
Marriage 2.0: Saying, “I Do” Again
Show Notes

The loss of a spouse may be the hardest thing we can ever face. Lingering questions might haunt us seemingly forever. If I remarry, will I somehow diminish my first husband or wife? Must I, therefore, remain alone for the rest of my life? How can I possibly make room for someone new in my life?

Not surprisingly these questions are faced every day by those around us. With us today are Jenny and Dan Muscatell. Jenny has faced these questions and is here today to talk about her answers. After losing her first husband, Thale, to a heart attack, she has remarried and begun life anew with Dan.

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