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The DäBU

Cedric Clark & Kojo Mensah-Bonsu

Cedric and Kojo immerse themselves in constructive intelligent dialogue on a variety of topics. The 2 former athletes turned business leaders will share their insights, opinions and experiences on a wide range of topics. Subjects ranging from personal, community and societal issues to entertainment, history and business.

The show will be filled with compelling anecdotal narratives, along with statistical analysis, facts and interviews with experts and industry leaders. The theme of this show will always look to enable, empower and activate people from diverse communities, backgrounds and all walks of life to reach their unlimited potential. Helping ordinary people, trying to live extraordinary lives!

DABU (dei·byou) is an acronym as well as verb and noun. Here is a simplistic breaking down of "DABU" acronym.

We will be addressing various topics with the perspective of being:

"D - Diverse" individuals that have experienced

"A - Athletics"at a high level with a successful transition to

"B - Business World". That leads us to the fact that your potential is

“U – Unlimited” if you are willing to put in the work.

That’s the D-A-B-U…DABU!

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