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Anukarniya: The Role Models

Ms. Gargi (Pen name)

"Anukarniya" is a Sanskrit word that means "the exemplary one". It is a small initiative to bring experts of various fields to you for sharing their journey and stories. Stories that are not only about how they were able to reach the career position they are in right now but also about their failures which contributed to their success. Our guests also talk about various scholarships and programs related to their fields, which might be your dream career or field of interest. I want to thank all the listeners and speakers for their support and love in making Anukarniya a big success. So, as you know we are now at our season 2, first episode! The four major goals of this season are –
1. Guidance to the youth to know the path towards their career goal in STEMM
2. To disseminate the knowledge about scholarships of the speaker's field of expertise per episode
3. To discuss the possible ways to face failure because we are taught how to aim for success but not how to deal with failure,
The new addition to this season is discussion about
4. Role of a Mentor and how to find a good mentor and 
5.Role of career-breaks and quality time with self.
We have two international organizations supporting this initiative - MENSA (an international organization of high IQ people) and 1MWIS (1 Million Women In STEM). These organizations have been actively involved in taking the initiative forward. To connect to the initiative, feel free to reach out to us. If you want to nominate a speaker or wish to volunteer for the cause you can DM us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or you can write to us on as well. Happy learning!