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The Trashalanche Pokemon Podcast

Brent Halliburton, Brit Pybas and Mike Fouchet

The Trashalanche is hosted by Brent Halliburton, Brit Pybas and Mike Fouchet and is mostly about Pokemon and mostly about the TCG.

Recent Episodes

Ep 23 - 2016 Cities, States, Nationals, Worlds, Pokemon 25th Celebration, Sunday Open results, Team Challenges, Centiskorch/Silvally Gang, 2017 Worlds Format, VG players playing TCG, Pokemon Stadium, VGC!January 14, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 22 - Another dub for Mike! Lululemon, Three-Body Problem, Non-math Pokeskills, Hammers, ADP bans, playing the best deck, Pikarom, Cramcephalon, The Gauntlet, "If you want to play ADP, just don't think", How to qualify for Team ChallengeJanuary 06, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 21 - What makes a player good at Pokemon, Azul's stream, Players Cup 3, Team Challenge, Seaking, Mad PartyDecember 22, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 20 - Paralysis, Battle Styles, Decidueye, Aegislash V, LMZ, Players Cup II in depth, ADP, Pikarom in depth, Primal Flygon in depth, Spiritomb!December 15, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 19 - Player reputation, Easy/Hard parts of online tournaments vs real tournaments, old US Nats, Improving sequencing, Primal Flygon, V Union, Players Cup II, LMZ, Pikarom, HegstersDecember 08, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 18 - Card by card, matchup by matchup Pikarom: Mike's victory! ADP v Pika; Pika mirror; Lightning Mew v Welder Mew; the format is good, but not fun; Item lock decks; Fighting PokemonDecember 01, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 17 - Thanksgiving, eating crickets, dominant decks of prior formats - Luxchomp, Gardevoir, Mewtwo, Darkrai, picking decks, Orbeetle, commentating, transitioning from playing to judgingNovember 24, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 16 - Deep dive on Whimsicott, Pokemon Worlds 2002, talking about Pokemon with non-Pokemon people, Players Cup II, ADP, Vivid Voltage metagame, "Azul effect", Orbeetle, Deep dive on expanded meta, Pokestats InvitationalNovember 17, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 15 - Six Prizes, Players Cup II deep dive, Lucario Melmetal, Hegster, Lapras, Vivid VoltageNovember 11, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 14 - Deep dive on Lucario/Melmetal v Pikarom, Best World Champ Decks 04-08, Vivid Voltage, Ditto V, Expanded bans, Welder Box, Excadrill, WhiscashNovember 03, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 13 - How to get better, Acro Bike, Player Cup II finish, Mawile, Centiskorch, Pokemon AI, Westworld, Ted Lasso, Philosophy of the MindOctober 28, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 12 - Logan Paul, 2005 Championship Arena card, Format Twitter, Players Cup, Hegster Invitational, ADP, Dragapult, Fighting Pokemon, Altaria Box, Machine Learning Pokemon, ChessOctober 21, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 11 - Deep dive on ADP, Altaria Box, Charizard & Braixen, Wailord V, Mewtwo, Excadrill, The Wossy!, Lucario Melmetal, Eternatus, and Players Cup!October 15, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 10: Math, Imagination, and Creativity, Lucario/Melmetal, Blacephalon, ADP, Torkoal, MewtwoOctober 06, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 9 - So much Players Cup! Channel Fireball, Spongebob and Crushing Hammers, ClayDP, Players Cup, Lucario/MelmetalSeptember 30, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 8 - Pop IDs, Pokemon 2021, Juniors and Seniors, ADP/Clay, Tinachomp, Stonjourner, Salamence, Eternatus, Decidueye, Champion's PathSeptember 23, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 7: Super Deep Dive on PikaRom, Hydreigon, Eternatus, Control plus Cubing, other Pokemon Podcasts, Monty Hall, and Among UsSeptember 16, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 6: Twitter Fast Food, Players Cup II strategy, UNDNTD, Bird Trio, Tournament Fatigue, next set, analytics, Pikarom, tournament wake up serviceSeptember 10, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 5: Players Cup/Hyperluxe/Hegster Results, banning ADP, 2005: Seena, Medicham, Rare Candy, 2014: Flareon, Big TexSeptember 03, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 4 - Atlas POG, Super Trainer Showdowns, Pikarom, Spiritomb, Sander Wojcik, Will Jenkins, Players Cup and more!August 26, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 3 - Fall Guys, going second, Atlas POG ChampionshipsAugust 20, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 2 - Old format BDIFs, Spiritomb, Atlas POG Championships and more!August 12, 2020 Episode artwork Ep 1August 05, 2020 Episode artwork