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Morten Kamp Andersen

Change is hard. You know that. For some reason, you don't always do what you set out to do. In 'What Monkeys Do', we talk with experts to find out what it takes to make a change - and make it stick. Why? Because success leaves clues, and we have more knowledge and experience than ever about what is required to change well. Let's find out what that is. So, if you are looking for insights, tools, and ideas to help you change yourself or the person standing next to you, you have come to the right place. In each episode, we will bring in a new guest and give you something you can use in your everyday - both at home and in the office.  The show is hosted by Morten Kamp Andersen (@mortenkamp), part psychologist, part finance guy and part just someone who struggles to change himself.

Recent Episodes

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