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Nathaniel and His Bike from Stoopkid Stories

August 10, 2023 Jonathan Cormur/Melissa Victor
Dorktales Storytime
Nathaniel and His Bike from Stoopkid Stories
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Show Notes

Meet Nathaniel, a cool kid who loves his family, having fun and riding his bike. One day he runs into a bully from the neighborhood and must choose giving into peer pressure or standing up for himself. What’s his ultimate decision? Listen to this original story from the Stoopkid Stories podcast. 

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Melissa Victor, or Melly to her friends and listeners, is part of Dorktales’ Once Upon a Time world! She’s Rapunzel, the STEM princess and you can hear her in our episode 43: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Science Experiment:

Melly is also the creator and storyteller for Stoopkid Stories, where you get to follow 7 young, Black characters who have new adventures and overcome different obstacles with their friends, family, school and community. Discover more:

Dorktales Storytime Podcast website:

CREDITS: Special thanks to Melly for letting us share “Nathaniel and His Bike” with you. Stoopkids Stories is made by Melissa Victor and you’ll find it wherever you listen to podcasts! Make sure you subscribe to both Dorktales Storytime AND Stoopkid Stories for a playlist library overflowing with imaginary tales. 

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