Mindful Living with Dr Sogol

E114. take care of yourself with Dr. Diana Londoño

May 04, 2023 Dr.Sogol
Mindful Living with Dr Sogol
E114. take care of yourself with Dr. Diana Londoño
Show Notes

We talk so much about leadership in medicine. We spend so many dollars on certifications for advanced degrees in leadership, attending conferences, reading books, enrolling in online courses to become competent physician leaders.  

I want you to pause and ask yourself:

How do I lead mySELF when I make a mistake?

How do I lead mySELF when I don't reach my quarterly/annual goals? 

Where do I lead mySELF when I read criticism from a patient review?

Where do I lead myself when I get terminated from a position? 

Dr. Diana Londoño is the founder of Physician Coach Support.com, where doctors can get confidential, peer support over Zoom 7 days a week.

She is a certified life coach and founded this platform after she listened to her intuition and inner guidance to do this and how to go about it. She received the Los Angeles Medical Association Physician Leadership Award for her work with Physician Coach Support.

She is one of the few female Latinx urologists in the country making 0.5% of Urologists. She has experienced burnout twice herself and because of that, she writes and speaks passionately about wellness and humanity in medicine on social media and on television.

She says if Physician Coach Support.com can pull just one doctor from the brink of burnout, it is all worth it.