Showing Up Whole

Show Me The Magic: Moving From Stagnancy to Vibrancy

February 17, 2022 Christina Fletcher/Kass Thomas Season 2 Episode 24
Showing Up Whole
Show Me The Magic: Moving From Stagnancy to Vibrancy
Show Notes

We've been living in a time where stagnancy has been steadily creeping in. The pandemic created a steady routine of restrictions and in many ways it felt like you couldn't even begin to imagine new opportunities for fear of what might bare the way.
But it's within your imagination and focus where freedom lies.

In this episode of Showing Up Whole, Christina is joined by successful business entrepreneur and communication expert, Kass Thomas. 
Kass has some powerful insights and tools on how to shift from stagnancy and move into expansion. 
In this episode learn how to:

  • Spark your imagination to see past the day to day life you live
  • Invite more magic into your life
  • Acknowledge where you are and Create where you want to be.
  • Live the life you were born to live!

Kass Thomas is a successful business entrepreneur and communication expert.
The depth and range of her life and career experiences inspires people to explore more choices and find the changes they are looking for. It is her mission in life to strengthen the unity of choice and change. She inspires clients to discover their unique brand of magic.
A best-selling author, Kass Thomas is releasing her newest book, Dancing with Riches, a self-empowerment manual, to encourage readers to changes tracks if the journey they are on is not working for them. Within the pages of this book, readers will find a guide to transform negative into positive, and to come through a winner, even in limiting situations.
For more information please visit her website at;

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Christina  Fletcher has been helping overwhelmed and frustrated parents as a Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Energy Healer for the past 6 years.
Prior to her finding her calling as a coach she has been a musical therapist with her husband, performing in residential and nursing homes both in Canada and the UK, as well as a trained actress,  a film producer, restaurateur, homesteader, antique dealer and a university student in Religious Studies.

 Christina is a homeschooling, work at home, love at home, mom of 3, married to her soul mate Jeff. She's lived in Canada, Spain and now the UK.
She is a passionate storyteller who loves to connect spirituality with words.

For more information on her work please visit

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