Showing Up Whole

In This Moment- Helping Children, and Parents find Presence

October 27, 2021 Christina Fletcher/ In the Moment Box Founders Season 2 Episode 8
Showing Up Whole
In This Moment- Helping Children, and Parents find Presence
Show Notes

As soon as parents start to develop their own mindful practices they usually develop a deep yearning to pass on these tools to their children.
Brook Seume and Bekah Jasperson took that desire and decided to share it with the world.
They developed their own creativity subscription box, using their knowledge in mindfulness and presence, so they could be easily shared with children of all ages.
In today's episode Christina talks with both Brook and Bekah about how to pass on mindfulness to children and how doing so changed their own lives forever.

Brook and Bekah are both licensed therapists and owners of In This Moment.
Brook is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a graduate of Edgewood college.
 Bekah is a licensed clinical social worker and a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison. Both have specialized in working with high-risk individuals in a forensic setting, where they began to implement mindfulness into their practice and their own lives.
After seeing the benefits of mindfulness professionally and personally, both felt the need to be proactive in helping children learn these skills as early in their life as possible.
In This Moment is a subscription business that makes craftivity boxes promoting mindfulness and social and emotional learning! 
The instructions and prompts are carefully crafted by Brook and Bekah and will help the whole family learn how to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives.
Learn more about their amazing journey and product at

Christina  Fletcher has been helping overwhelmed and frustrated parents as a Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Energy Healer for the past 6 years.
Prior to her finding her calling as a coach she has been a musical therapist with her husband, performing in residential and nursing homes both in Canada and the UK, as well as a trained actress,  a film producer, restaurateur, homesteader, antique dealer and a university student in Religious Studies.

 Christina is a homeschooling, work at home, love at home, mom of 3, married to her soul mate Jeff. She's lived in Canada, Spain and now the UK.
She is a passionate storyteller who loves to connect spirituality with words.

For more information on her work please visit