Dealing with Goliath: Psychological Edge for Business Leaders

The Art of Business with Entrepreneur & Artist Róisín O'Farrell (#032)

December 23, 2020 Al McBride Episode 32
Dealing with Goliath: Psychological Edge for Business Leaders
The Art of Business with Entrepreneur & Artist Róisín O'Farrell (#032)
Show Notes

Róisín began her art career, from a standing start, over ten
years ago and now exhibits in established galleries in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US.

Her art business, now at multiple six figures, with a team of five, has grown to include prints sales in over 17 stores nationwide and a digital school for emerging artists who want to learn to paint or to learn to get their business mojo going.

From the simple joy of painting, to passing on the skills to make a living from your art, she is committed and passionate about teaching, sharing and living creativity.

I have to say I've known Roisin for many years, back in a previous life when I was an art dealer and is an old and dear friend. She is a unique mix of talented artist with a remarkable mind for business.

It's an absolute pleasure to have Roisin on the show as there she has so many insights that can benefit people in nearly every area of business.

Topics Covered:

- The age old myths around artists in business
- Art schools do very little to prepare students for business
- Money is dirty
- Artists need skills to make good decisions
- A top chef doesn't need to always be in the kitchen
- The benefits of an unconventional route to your career
- A first business, well ahead of its time
- The first big lesson: it must be profitable
- Is it a side hustle hobby or a day time job?
- Get clear on your core values; opportunities change, but values are constant
- Illuminating Questions: What does the other side stand for and what do they want?
- Beware of being too far in the weeds and the detail
- Don't be a busy fool
- Have a strategic overview
- All business decisions spring from a place of integrity
- Business know how plus integrity equals success
- Planning into a process of habit
- Feed that creative place so you've something meaningful to say
- Look at outsiders who've become successful
- The biggest jump; hiring one person
- Sole trader, to team of seven
- Down time and switching off is crucial
- Work less, step back, make more money
- Make it routine: Present yourself to the canvas
- Lean in to the discomfort, it's meant to be that uncomfortable!
- Don't chase the sale, chase the process and the quality
- Whether this sells or not is none of your business
- Be two people; vulnerable creative child and then hard nosed business person
- Got to act as if, put on a persona

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