Dealing with Goliath: Psychological Edge for Business Leaders

Inclusion and Cohesion Are Critical for Growth with Simon Haigh (#046)

April 15, 2021 Al McBride Episode 46
Dealing with Goliath: Psychological Edge for Business Leaders
Inclusion and Cohesion Are Critical for Growth with Simon Haigh (#046)
Show Notes

Simon Haigh is known as the Growth Strategist, he's a coach, consultant, author and speaker. Let's break that down a moment...

He's the 5 star rated author of 3 books: Contract law in an e-commerce age, 'How to be a Better Dealcloser', and 'Dealmaking for Corporate Growth'. The latter two of which were foreworded by Marshall Goldsmith

He's a former lawyer in UK, Ireland and Australia, a successful entrepreneur where he built and sold out of tech, luxury goods and travel businesses, as well as a global CEO, and C-suite executive on 4 continents over 28 years.

Simon sat on 5 boards and currently is an advisor to 3 in US and Ireland. He's featured on the BBC and is a global expert in negotiation, deals, business, leadership, mindset, brand growth.

Topics Explored: 
- Organisations are like humans, if they don't grow spiritually they go backwards, so they get overtaken
- 4 Key Things: What are the business growth processes and practices that need to be put in place?
- Leadership Growth: What key things do leaders need to do to fit into the business growth?
- Brand Growth: How does this impact your brand?
- Growth Mindset of the people running the business is what brings the whole thing together
- "I love the variety" and love mentoring and coaching, "seeing the lightbulbs going off"
- It's all about matching people's confidence with their capabilities
- "Confidence is the outer manifestation with communication of what's inside, which is awareness"
- Situational awareness: where do I fit in an organization?
- "We need to demystify business, it's not rocket science, it's about communication and connection"
- Simplify: Assertiveness is about firstly asking for what you want, feel or desire. Secondly, in a way that's respectful of others
- The 7 P Methodology of deal making, was a logical process that unfolded through the writing
- A novice negotiator mistake is not leveraging simple things, a big example is not using silence strategically
- Loose lips sink ships in negotiations, got to get comfortable with silences
4 Areas that feed into emotional intelligence
- Is this person really listening, really involved in this conversation or is it another box to tick?
- 10 years in the Australia in the Aboriginal indigenous economic development space and head of indigenous tourism council
- Companies that truly put inclusion and cohesion at the core of their strategies improve productivity, brand value and also shareholder return
- Problem is most C-suites don't even know this is an issue
- Aboriginal economic development $8bn a year, but generated a net of $16bn
- The 5 aspects or pillars organisational leaders need to believe in to drive
1st is the right diversity, equity inclusion processes and policies in place, 2nd is gender balance, 3rd is cultural cohesion, 4th ethical win win communication structures, 5th ensure remote cohesive workforces are inclusive
- How do you inspire and mentor younger workers when they're not in the office?
- The 'us and them' of those at HQ and those in the field, the latter feel excluded, the former often think they're aloof
- Just deal with these breakdowns instead of brushing it aside, demystify it and deal with it
- Awareness to provide a safe environment for thinking things through and realise we all have biases, but it's realising you have them and that each individual is unique
- 3 aspects of assessment to any agreement: self awareness, situational awareness and assessing the other side and there

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