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Sports Radio meets Sketch Comedy. Hoskins and Long have been best friends and theatre dorks their whole life. After being outcasts in the theatre community for being die heart sports fans, they have created this show to break the mold. Giving you their analysis and opinions on the NBA, NFL, and all the major stories in sports....from the angle of thespians.
The Gobert Report, NBA Offseason, & the Durant SituationJuly 05, 2022 Episode artwork A Fan's Betrayal, Draft Lottery Reaction, & NBA Finals Preview!May 31, 2022 Episode artwork WE ARE BACK! NBA Playoffs Check InMay 10, 2022 Episode artwork Coaches, NBA Playoffs, & Devin Booker is better than Kobe!?!April 13, 2022 Episode artwork Lebron's Quest for a Scoring Title, NBA Prospects in the Tournament, & MADNESS!March 22, 2022 Episode artwork A Joker Rant, the Rise of the Celtics, & Should Ben Simmons get paid? March 08, 2022 Episode artwork Lebron to Cleveland, Flores to the Steelers, Simmons back in Philly!?February 22, 2022 Episode artwork Not Previewing the (not) Super BowlFebruary 08, 2022 Episode artwork NFL Playoffs - BonusJanuary 28, 2022 Episode artwork NBA Title Contender Draft!! Plus Ben Simmons, Grayson Allen, & Josh GiddeyJanuary 25, 2022 Episode artwork Best Predictions from 2021, & Football PlayoffsJanuary 12, 2022 Episode artwork Holiday Special!! Urban Meyer, Bad Upcoming Sports Movies, & Dark COVID Hypotheticals...December 28, 2021 Episode artwork Type Casting in Sports, The Tatum and Brown Combination, & NFL Futures!December 15, 2021 Episode artwork Enes Kanter Freedom's Shoes, CFB Coaching Drama, & Would You Rather be Slapped by Giannis or Jokic?December 01, 2021 Episode artwork Superman's Return! Plus, The Warriors Should Be Considered Favorites.November 16, 2021 Episode artwork NBA Surprises, NFL Trade Deadline, & Who is Mike White!?!November 02, 2021 Episode artwork Long is Back! Basketball is back! Tennessee is Mad…October 19, 2021 Episode artwork Top 5 NFL Miserable Fan Bases, Urban Meyer in Ohio, & 100 Best NBA PlayersOctober 05, 2021 Episode artwork A Big Retirement, The Transitive Property of Football, & Voicemails Are Back!September 21, 2021 Episode artwork BONUS! - NFL Role Players of Week 1! ALL 32 TEAMS!September 16, 2021 Episode artwork Part 2: Basketball!! Ben Simmons Trades, Current Laker Legacy Rankings, & If Toronto Didn't Get Kawhi...September 08, 2021 Episode artwork Part 1: FOOTBALL!! Week 1 Picks, Fantasy Draft, & Cam NewtonSeptember 07, 2021 Episode artwork The Fat Coach Controversy, Top 5 Lakers/Nets Storylines, & Goodbye Tebow!August 24, 2021 Episode artwork Durant Talks His $h*t, Jalen Over Kade, & Sneaky Trade TeamsAugust 10, 2021 Episode artwork Space Jam Talk, NBA Mock Draft of Mockery, & Trades!July 27, 2021 Episode artwork