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The Evolving Human

Dr. Lissette Alvarez-Holland

Welcome to a brand new depth of life school conversation connecting the open minded with the well educated. If we are smart, lessons learned through 2020 will be more about making human connections and not so much about pretending we live with perfection. There is a web that connects us all along the sacred path of success and that is what this podcast will share with you. Join Dr.Lisa and her global guests as they discuss what makes humans move past fear ,decide to connect, run or lead like we do. How gaining a sense of self , bigger that our human ego can positively impact everything from career satisfaction, relationships, health, money, pain, power, and social roles. Understanding this dance between our potential as sacred and our limits as humans is the key to getting us through the difficult awakenings we can expect in the gap between the comforting wisdom of the old life we knew and the uncomfortable ignorance of a new one. Join the conversation.

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