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A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation
E27: Coonoor Behal of Mindhatch – At the Intersection of Improv & Innovation
September 13, 2018 The Innovation Engine at Atrium Health
Ben & Jay have a lively conversation with Coonoor Behal, founder of Mindhatch, a creative consultancy that blends design thinking, organizational improv and innovation facilitation. Coonoor has had a fascinating career arc that spans entertainment, an NGO, a major consulting firm and now her own firm. Oh, and along the way, she happened to become an accomplished improv comedian and teacher! Coonoor talks in depth about how she brings improv skills and mindsets to organizations to help them innovate and enhance performance – and even how to hire the right people. And Ben shows some impressive improv skills! Where to find Coonoor & Mindhatch: http://www.mindhatchllc.com/ @mindhatchllc https://www.linkedin.com/in/coonoorbehal/ Coonoor has a number of excellent articles you should check out on Medium: https://medium.com/@Coonoor As always, the Sherpas are on Twitter: @TheBenReport @JayGerhart #InnovationEngine
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