Lewy Body Roller Coaster

Helpful and Effective Tips for Some Lewy Problems

June 14, 2022 Season 3 Episode 22
Lewy Body Roller Coaster
Helpful and Effective Tips for Some Lewy Problems
Show Notes

Welcome back Podcast Family! This week we share some helpful tips others have shared on things around LBD such as how to remove the adhesive for the  patches, tooth brushes, nose sprays to be aware of and medicines no one with LBD should use. Curry shares a little on how he is feeling and once again...we laugh as we try to get through an episode as we are clearly not tech savvy individuals but we love that you all are so patient with us each week as we "try" our best to get an episode off for every Wednesday but sometimes life and that dang Lewy shows up and causes some delay.

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